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Table 2 Indirect costs associated with absenteeism in UC

From: Indirect costs associated with ulcerative colitis: a systematic literature review of real-world data

Author, yearCountry% of patients experiencing absenteeismNumber of days absent per year/patientCostCost adjusted
Average cost absenteeism per patient yearCurrency, base yearAverage cost absenteeism per patient yearCurrency, base year
Aldeguer et al. 2016 [17]SpainNR1.08 days per yeara,b88.21aEURO, 2012105.40$, 2017
Cohen et al. 2015 [18]USA98.20%11.5 days per yeara3071$, 20133196.60$, 2017
Cohen et al. 2012 [21]USANR14.2 days per yearaNR$, 2010NR$, 2017
Cannon et al. 2011 [24]NRdNR60 days per yearcNRNRNRNR
Gibson et al. 2008 [25]USA85.75%NR6020.50e$, 20057793.50$, 2017
  1. NB: The publication by Katz Avitan et al. [2] conducted in Israel (not reported in the table) demonstrated that 21% of UC patients (N = 150) were experimenting absenteeism (defined as percentage of impairment while working)
  2. aDue to medical visit specifically
  3. bIn the study it was reported as 29.55 h per year
  4. cIn the study, they reported that UC patient had missed more than 5 days from work in the past month
  5. dThis publication was an abstract and did not report the country where the study was conducted
  6. eMean absence costs, all employees, with or without claims