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Table 4 The top ten most productive institutes

From: Global research trends in microbiome-gut-brain axis during 2009–2018: a bibliometric and visualized study

SCRa Institute Country n (%)
1st University College Cork Ireland 152 (8.87)
2nd McMaster University Canada 67 (3.91)
3rd INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) France 43 (2.51)
4th INRA (Institut National de La Recherche Agronomique) France 41 (2.39)
5th University of California, Los Angeles USA 29 (1.69)
6th Teagasc - Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority Ireland 28 (1.63)
7th St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Canada 26 (1.52)
8th David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA USA 23 (1.34)
9th The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA 22 (1.28)
10th Universite Catholique de Louvain Belgium 19 (1.11)
10th University of California, San Diego USA 19 (1.11)
10th Københavns Universitet Denmark 19 (1.11)
  1. aEqual institutions have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers