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Fig. 2

From: Global research trends in microbiome-gut-brain axis during 2009–2018: a bibliometric and visualized study

Fig. 2

Research topics clustered by mapping of co-occurrences of terms in title/abstract for publications related to microbiome-gut-brain axis (MGBA). Of the 30,250 terms, 179 terms occurred at least 50 times. For each of the 179 terms, a relevance score was calculated and used to select the 60% most relevant terms. In Fig. 2, the size of the circles represents the occurrences of terms in title/abstract. The largest set of connected terms consists of 107 terms in four clusters. The four clusters can be broadly interpreted as “modeling MGBA in animal systems (red cluster)”, “interplay between the gut microbiota and the immune system (green cluster)”, “irritable bowel syndrome related to gut microbiota (blue cluster)”, and “neurodegenerative diseases related to gut microbiota (yellow cluster)”

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