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Table 2 Adverse events and compliance

From: Cefuroxime, levofloxacin, esomeprazole, and bismuth as first-line therapy for eradicating Helicobacter pylori in patients allergic to penicillin

Variable, n (%)Eradication therapy (n = 150)
Fatigue18 (12.0)
Anorexia15 (10.0)
Abdominal pain/discomfort14 (9.3)
Nausea12 (8.0)
Diarrhea12 (8.0)
Headache5 (3.3)
Vomiting3 (2.0)
Skin rash2 (1.3)
Taste distortion2 (1.3)
Dizziness2 (1.3)
Patients with adverse reactions32 (21.3)
Mild adverse reactions20 (13.3)
Moderate adverse reactions9 (6.0)
Severe adverse reactions (Medication discontinuation)3 (2.0)
Good compliance143 (95.3)
  1. Among the enrolled patients, two (one each for lost to follow-up and protocol violation) were not included in adverse effect and compliance assessments