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Table 1 2018 CFF Colorectal Cancer Screening recommendations in Cystic Fibrosis

From: Case report of synchronous post-lung transplant colon cancers in the era of colorectal cancer screening recommendations in cystic fibrosis: screening “too early” before it’s too late

CFF CRC Screening REcommendations (colonoscopy advised)INTERVALAdditional Information
40 yrs Individuals with CF
30 yrs Individuals with CF and organ transplant, at least 2 years after transplant if no screening in the prior 5 years
Negative colonoscopyEvery 5 years 
Adenomatous polypEvery 3 years 
All colonoscopies Intensive bowel preparation including 3–4 washes (1 L purgative per wash) and last wash within 4–6 h of exam