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Table 2 Characteristics of zinc-induced anemia in WD

From: Anemia following zinc treatment for Wilson’s disease: a case report and literature review

Case source Age Zinc dose and course (Bold:high dose) Chelator drug HGB (g/dL) Neutrophils (× 109/L) Bone marrow Treatment Time to normal blood counts
Linn et al[10] 43 y 207 mg/d for 30y No Anemia Neutropenia Unknown Zinc withdrawal Unknown
Horvath et al[11] 40 y 200 mg/d for 14y and 250 mg/d for 1y Initial Penicillamine for 6 m 7.8 0.26 Ring sideroblasts Zinc withdrawal Unknown
Dzieżyc et al. [12] 18 y 72.7 mg/d for 6y No 10 0.17 MDS excluded Zinc withdrawal 2 months
Rau et al. [13] 16 y High dose for 9 m Initial Penicillamine for 2y 5.8 Neutropenia MDS, ring sideroblasts Zinc withdrawal and copper supplement 8 weeks
Cortese et al. [14] 51 y 242 mg/d for 13y and 484 mg/d for 1y No 6.5 0.25 MDS Zinc dose reduction Unknown
Foubert-Samier et al. [15] 43 y 142 mg/d for 25y With Trientine 900 mg/d for 25y 10.6 0.94 Not performed Zinc withdrawal Unknown
Van den Hamer et al. [16] 56 y 484 mg/d for 2y Initial Penicillamine for 29y Anemia Neutropenia Unknown Copper supplement Unknown
Mohamed et al. [17] 26y 80.7 mg/d for 13y No 7.4 0.2 vacuolated myeloid and erythroid precursors Zinc withdrawal and copper supplement 4 months
Present case 11 y 4 m 240 mg/d for 4y4 m No 40 0.08 MDS Zinc withdrawal 4 months
  1. Age: Age when presented with anemia, y years, m months, MDS Myelocytic dysplasia syndrome