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Table 3 Physical activity recommendations for patients with mild-to-moderate IBD

From: Structured physical activity interventions as a complementary therapy for patients with inflammatory bowel disease – a scoping review and practical implications

FITT-Criteria The patient should….
F-requency ...engage in moderate PA at least three times a week, even better five times a week.
I-ntensity ... choose an activity which increases the energy expenditure by at least a factor of three or four, as it is the case for brisk walking. For exercise control via heart rate (HR), the intensity of the exercise should be between 60 – 80% of the maximum HR. Bear in mind: moderate intensity is key in order to improve inflammation.
T-ime … exercise for at least 30 minutes per day (more is even better, if tolerated).
T-ype ... engage in an enjoyable activity, to increase the probability to maintain this behavior. Exercising in groups can increase the motivation. A mixture of endurance and resistance exercise is favorable, because it avoids unilateral training and emphasizes the use of all big muscle groups.
... increase the amount of leisure time PA. “Walk before you run”.