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Table 2 Summary of differences between FVB-CA-AhR and B6-CA-AhR mice

From: Histopathological features of the proper gastric glands in FVB/N-background mice carrying constitutively-active aryl-hydrocarbon receptor

  FVB-CA-AhR B6-CA-AhR [24]
Male Female Male Female
EM cyst development 8 wks 10 wks 10 wks 17 wks
Incidence of EM cysts reached 100% 28 wks 33 wks 52 wks 52 wks
CDX2-positivety NE NE
TFF2-positivity Strong Strong NE NE
Pepsinogen-positivity Weak Weak NE NE
  1. wks weeks of age, NE not examined