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Fig. 5 | BMC Gastroenterology

Fig. 5

From: Histopathological features of the proper gastric glands in FVB/N-background mice carrying constitutively-active aryl-hydrocarbon receptor

Fig. 5

Histological characteristics of EM cysts in FVB-CA-AhR mice. (a) Proper gastric gland in 28 wk. male revealed by HE staining. (b) Squared area in panel a presents HE staining (left panel) and immunohistochemistry for CYP1A1 (right panel). (c) Squared area in panel c presents HE staining. Arrows: lymphoid clusters. (d) Squared area in panel d. HE, PAS, and AB pH 2.5 staining. (eg) Positive cells determined by immunohistochemistry for BrdU (e), CD3 (f), and B220 (g) in or around the EM cysts in a 16 wk. male. CA-AhR: FVB-CA-AhR. Bars denote 500 μm (a and c), 200 μm (b, e-g), and 50 μm (d)

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