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Table 2 Scoring systems for liver function used in the study

From: The association of liver function and quality of life of patients with liver cancer

ALBI score −0.085 × albumin + 0.66 × log bilirubin
(remarks: albumin in g/L, bilirubin in μmol/L)
MELD score [9.57 x ln(Creatinine ÷ 88.4)] + [3.78 x ln(Bilirubin ÷17.1)] + [11.2 x ln(INR)] + 6.43
(remarks: bilirubin in umol/L, creatinine in umol/L)
Albumin-to-ALP ratio albumin ÷ ALP
(remark: albumin in g/L, ALP in iu/L)
ALP-to-platelet ratio ALP ÷ platelet
(remarks: ALP in iu/L, platelet count in 109/L)
  1. ALBI Albumin-Bilirubin, MELD Model for End-stage Liver Disease, QOL Quality of life, ln natural logarithm