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Table 1 Clinical features of patients with small bowel adenocarcinoma in the celiac cohort

From: Small bowel adenocarcinoma as a complication of celiac disease: clinical and diagnostic features

Case # Sex HLA Age at CD diagnosis (yrs) Age at SBA diagnosis (yrs) SBA localization TNM at diagnosis Presentation Key diagnostic exam(s) for SBA Chemotherapy Survival at 6 years
1 F DQ2 68 72 Jejunum T3N0M0 Acute intestinal obstruction Abdominal X-ray; double contrast upper GI radiography; Exploratory laparotomy None Alive
2 F DQ2 homozygosis 34 69 Jejunum T2N0M0 Iron deficiency anaemia VCE; DBE None Alive
3 F DQ2 46 46 Jejunum T4N2M2 Intestinal sub-occlusion Small bowel loop ultrasound; CT enteroclysis FOLFOX + Bevacizumab Dead after 13 months
4 F DQ2 38 38 Jejunum T3N2M0 Intestinal sub-occlusion CT scan; PET; DBE FOLFOX Alive
5 F DQ2 40 40 Duodenum T3N2M0 Abdominal pain OGD FOLFOX + FOLFIRI Dead after 63 months
  1. Abbreviations: HLA human leukocyte antigens, CD celiac disease, SBA small bowel adenocarcinoma, F female, TNM tumor, nodes, metastasis classification, OGD oesophago-gastro-duodenal endoscopy, GI gastrointestinal, CT computed tomography, PET positron emission tomography, DBE double balloon enteroscopy, FOLFOX folinic acid (leukovorin), 5-fluorouracil, oxaliplatin, FOLFIRI folinic acid (leukovorin), 5-fluorouracil, irinotecan, VCE video capsule endoscopy