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Table 2 Overview of primary and secondary antibodies used in immunocytochemistry

From: Neuroprotective effects of vitamin D on high fat diet- and palmitic acid-induced enteric neuronal loss in mice

Raised against Dilution Code Source Host References
Human neuronal protein, (HuC/HuD) 1:600 A21272 ThermoFisher Scientific, SE Mouse [37, 73]
Human gene product 9.5, (PGP 9.5), purified human brain 1:1.200 RA95101 Ultraclone, UK Rabbit [73]
PDIA3 1:500 AF8219 R&D systems, USA sheep  
VDR 1:400 Sc-13133 Kind gift professor BO Nilsson, Lund Mouse [74]
S100B (S100), purified bovine brain 1:12.000 Z0311 DAKO, DK Rabbit [75]
Alexa Fluor 488 anti-mouse IgG 1:1.000 115-485-166 Jackson Lab Inc, USA Goat  
Dy-light 594 anti-mouse IgG 1:1.000 715-515-151 Jackson Lab Inc, USA Donkey  
Alexa Fluor 594 anti- rabbit IgG 1:1.000 711-515-152 Jackson Lab Inc, USA Donkey  
Alexa Fluor 488 anti goat IgG 1:1000 705-545-147 Jackson Lab Inc, USA donkey  
Texas Red anti goat IgG 1:400 705-075-147 Jackson Lab Inc, USA donkey