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Table 1 Components of the modified Mayo score [20]

From: CT Enterography score: a potential predictor for severity assessment of active ulcerative colitis

Stool frequency
 0: Normal
 1: 1–2 stools/day more than normal
 2: 3–4 stools/day more than normal
 3: >  4 stools/day more than normal
Rectal bleedinga
 0: None
 1: Visible blood with stool less than half the time
 2: Visible blood with stool half of the time or more
 3: Passing of blood alone
Mucosal appearance at endoscopyb
 0: Normal or inactive disease
 1: Mild disease (erythema, decreased vascular pattern, mild mucosal friability
 2: Moderate disease (marked erythema, absent vascular pattern, friability, erosions)
 3: Severe disease (spontaneous bleeding, ulceration)
Physician rating of disease activity
 0: Normal
 1: Mild
 2: Moderate
 3: Severe
  1. aA score of 3 for bleeding required patients to have at least 50% of bowel motions accompanied by visible blood, and at least one bowel motion with blood alone
  2. bMucosal appearance at endoscopy is not included in the Partial Mayo Score < 2, remission; 3–5, mild active; 6–10, moderately active; 11–12, severe active