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Table 3 Characteristics of patients who developed metachronous lesions

From: Synchronous polypectomy during endoscopic diagnosis of colorectal cancer – is the risk of tumour implantation at the polypectomy site significant?

Patient 1 2 3 4 5 6
Initial tumour site HF Rectum Caecum & AC Rectum DC & SC AC
Histology/stage AdenoCa T3N0M0 AdenoCa T3N2M0 AdenoCa T3N2M0 AdenoCa T3N0M0 AdenoCa T2N0M0 AdenoCa T3N2M1
Margins of initial resection Clear Proximal - 17 cm Distal - 3 cm Clear Proximal - 13 cm Distal - 2 cm Clear Proximal - 5.5 cm Distal - 8.5 cm Clear Proximal - 11.5 cm Distal - 2.5 cm Clear Proximal - 2 cm Distal - 3.5 cm Clear Proximal - 20 cm Distal - 6 cm
Surgery Right Hemicolectomy Low Anterior Resection Right Hemicolectomy Low Anterior Resection Left Hemicolectomy Right Hemicolectomy
Synchronous polypectomy numbers 1 4 2 2 1 1
Polypectomy site(s) DC a) SC b) SC c) DC d) DC a) AC b) TC a) Rectum b) DC TC SC
PS Proximal/Distal to tumour Distal Proximal Distal Proximal Proximal Distal
Polyp(s) morphology Pedunculated a) Pedunculated b) Pedunculated c) Sessile d) Sessile a) Sessile b) Sessile a)Pedunculated b) Sessile Sessile Pedunculated
Polyp histology TA LGD a) TA LGD b) TA HGD c) HP d) HP a) HP b) HP a) TA LGD b) TA LGD TA LGD TVA HGD
Size (mm) 15 a) 15 b) 12 c) 6 d) 7 a) 3 b) 3 a) Missing b) Missing 3 10
All PS included in resection No (Group B) No (Group B) No (Group B) Yes (Group A) No (Group B) No (Group B)
Site of metachronous tumour DC DC TC DC HF TC
Interval to development of metachronous lesion (months) 32 11 11 36 83 9
Metachronous lesion at colonic segment of previous synchronous PS? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
  1. HF Hepatic flexure, AC Ascending colon, DC Descending colon, SC Sigmoid colon, AdenoCa Adenocarcinoma, TC Transverse colon, TA LGD Tubulo-adenoma with low grade dysplasia, TA HGD Tubulo-adenoma with high grade dysplasia, HP Hyperplastic, TVA HGD Tubulo-villous adenoma with high grade dysplasia, TVA LGD Tubulo-villous adenoma with low grade dysplasi