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Fig. 4

From: Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation improves chronic colitis-associated complications through inhibiting the activity of toll-like receptor-4 in mice

Fig. 4

Effect of MSCs on intestinal permeability. (A) Bacteria cultured from MLN. Viable bacteria are mainly Escherichia coli in the control group (a), DSS + vehicle group (b), and DSS + MSCs group (c). (B) Differences in incidence of bacterial translocation to MLN were displayed, Bacterial translocation was increased in the DSS + vehicle group (90%) compared with that of the control group (0%), while bacterial translocation to mesenteric lymph nodes decreased in the DSS + MSCs group (15%). (C) The changes of LPS levels. LPS level in the DSS + vehicle group were increased obviously compared with the control group. In the DSS + MSCs group, the LPS levels were lowered compared with that of the DSS + vehicle group. Data were expressed as mean ± SD. aP < 0.05 vs. the DSS + vehicle group; bP < 0.05 vs. the control group

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