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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with positive anti-mitochondrial antibody and Hepatitis C Virus infection

From: A case series evaluating the impact of Hepatitis C eradication using direct acting antivirals on primary biliary cholangitis-associated autoimmunity

Characteristics Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3
 Age, yrs 67 63 64
 Sex, M/F M F F
Anti-Mitochondrial Antibody
 Titer by IF at diagnosis 1:40 1:160 1:160
Liver Enzymes at diagnosis
 AP (N<145 IU/L) 67 134 71
 GGT (N<35) 130 330 41
Hepatitis C Virus
 Duration HCV+ status, yrs 19 19 15
 Genotype 1a 1a 4
 Treatment Naive Yes No Yes
 Treatment Regimen LDV + SOF LDV + SOF SOF +RBV
 RNA NAT, weeks post tx <12 IU/ml (12) ND (24) ND (24)
Autoantibody Profile (Mitogen) AMA-M2+, Anti-3E-BPO+ Anti-3E-BPO+, Anti-Ro52+ AMA-M2+, Anti-3E-BPO+
Fibroscan (fPa)
 Pre-treatment with DAA 37.4 15.1 14.1
 Post-treatment with DAA 19.8 12.3 No data
Ursodeoxycholic acid treatment Yes No (discontinued) No
  1. Abbreviations: AP alkaline phospate, AMA anti-mitochondrial antibody, DAA direct –acting antivirals, F females, GGT gamma glutamyl-transferase, HCV Hepatitis C Virus, IF immunoflourescence, LDV ledispavir, M male, ND not detected, Post-tx post treatment, RNA NAT Ribonucleic acid quantitative nucleic acid test, RBV ribravin, SOF sofosbivur, yrs years, IF immunoflourescence