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Fig. 2

From: Additional hepatic 166Ho-radioembolization in patients with neuroendocrine tumours treated with 177Lu-DOTATATE; a single center, interventional, non-randomized, non-comparative, open label, phase II study (HEPAR PLUS trial)

Fig. 2

Example of 166Ho-radioembolization in NET. A patient with a grade 2 small intestinal NET according to the WHO-criteria, treated in the prior HEPAR 2 trial. On the left, the 18FDG-PET and venous phased CT at baseline. In the middle, the imaging studies 3 months after 166Ho-RE with partial metabolic 18FDG-PET response and some tumour reduction on CT. On the right, follow-up imaging studies 6 months after 166Ho-RE with significant partial metabolic response and significant tumour reduction on CT

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