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Table 2 Clinical parameters recorded in CHilSFree

From: Immune monitoring after pediatric liver transplantation – the prospective ChilSFree cohort study

Basic patient data
 Weight & height at transplantation
 Primary diagnosis
 Comorbidities before transplantation
 Concomitant medication at time of transplantation
 Biochemistry and hematology before transplantation
Transplant-related data
 Indication for transplantation
 Type (split / whole liver) and weight of graft
 Living related transplantation
 Donor information: age, gender, cause of donor death
 Blood group compatibility
 HLA status recipient
Infection related data
 CMV and EBV status of donor and recipient
 EBV/CMV infection
 Use of basiliximab for induction; IS drugs and trough levels at every visit, changes in IS drugs and reason for changes
 Standardized documentation of portal vein stenosis, portal vein thrombosis, arterial stenosis, artherial thrombosis, sepsis, hepatic vein stenosis, biliary obstruction, bile leak, wound infection, prolonged ventilation, inotrope support, PTLD; additional documentation of “other” complications
Follow-up visits
 Weight, height, biochemistry, hematology, virology (viral load CMV / EBV), changes in immunosuppressive medication, immunosuppressive drugs (dose and trough level), additional medication, additional comments
Biopsy visits
 Results of liver biopsy (rejection none, mild, moderate, severe and RAI score)