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Table 1 Serum cytokines, chemokines and factors of angiogenesis analyzed in ChilSFree

From: Immune monitoring after pediatric liver transplantation – the prospective ChilSFree cohort study

Cytokines   Synonym Chemokines   Synonym
TH1 response IFN-γ   CCL chemokines CCL2 MCP-1
  IL-2    CCL3 MIP1a
  IL-12    CCL4 MIP-1b
  TNF-α    CCL7 MCP-3
TH2 response IL-4    CCL11 Eotaxin
  IL-5    CCL27 CTACK
  IL-10   CXCL chemokines CXCL1 Gro-a
  IL13    CXCL8 IL-8
TH9 responses IL-9    CXCL9 MIG
TH17 response IL-17    CXCL10 IP-10
  IL-23    CXCL12 SDF-1α
polyfunctional IL-1a   Growth factors M-CSF  
  IL-1b    SCF  
  IL-1RA    SCGF  
  IL-3    PDGF  
  IL-6    HGF  
  IL-18    FGF-b  
  LIF    MIF  
Angiogenic factors Ang-2 angiopoietin-2 Soluble surface molecules sCD25 IL-2Rα
  VEGF    ICAM-1  
  PECAM-1 sCD31   VCAM  
  Leptin    TRAIL