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Table 1 General conditions, clinical manifestations, endoscopic features, treatment and prognosis of patients with PCI

From: Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis: six case reports and a review of the literature

No. Age Gender symptoms Etiology Loc. Endoscopic
PCI treatment Outcome Follow-up (mo)
1 56 M abdominal distension diarrhea Transverse ascending bubble-like Bifidobacterium endoscopic treatment remission 3
2 48 F Constipation, diarrhea, muco-bloody stools, abdominal distension farting more exposure to TCE (1 year) Sigmoid descending grape or beaded tinidazole, Bifidobacterium endoscopic treatment remission 4
3 66 F constipation, diarrhea muco-bloody stools
abdominal pain
AA (20 years)
UCTD (2 years)
Sigmoid linear or bullous Bifidobacterium aluminum phosphate remission 10
4 72 F constipation, diarrhea muco-bloody stools abdominal distension farting more diabetes (10 years) Sigmoid ascending irregular forms rifaximin metronidazole Bifidobacterium remission 6
5 64 M abdominal distension abdominal pain emphysema (1 year) Duodenal- bulb bubble-like Bifidobacterium remission 8
6 27 F abdominal distension diarrhea abdominal pain peritoneal carcinoma Rectum grape or beaded Bifidobacterium died  
  1. TCE trichloroethylene, AA aplastic anemia, UCTD Undifferentiated connective tissue disease