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Fig. 2

From: Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis: six case reports and a review of the literature

Fig. 2

Imaging findings. Case 2: (a, b); Case 3: (c); Case 4: (d); Case 5: (e); Case 6: (f, g). a Abdominal X-ray showed multiple intraluminal gas pockets in the left colon; b Coronal reconstruction confirmed multiple submucosal lesions; c Abdominal CT showed no portal venous gas embolism. d Abdominal CT revealed multiple polypoid lesions of the colon; e Chest CT showed centrilobular emphysema, pulmonary field scattered in small circular distribution. f Abdominal CT showed a large presence of ascites in the abdomen. g Pelvic CT demonstrated primary peritoneal carcinomatosis with balloon like structures in the rectum

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