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Table 2 Definitions of major complication

From: Double-catheter lavage combined with percutaneous flexible endoscopic debridement for infected pancreatic necrosis failed to percutaneous catheter drainage

Major complication Definition Comment
New-onset organ failure New-onset failure (i.e., not present at any time in the 24 h before first intervention); Multiple-organ failure: failure of two or more organs at the same time.  
Organ failure   Adapted from Bradley [24]
Pulmonary failure PaO2 < 60 mmHg, despite FIO2of 0.30, or need for mechanical ventilation.  
Circulatory failure Circulatory systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg, despite adequate fluid resuscitation, or need for inotropic catecholamine support.  
Renal failure Creatinine level > 177 μmol/l after rehydration or new need for hemofiltration or hemodialysis.  
Systemic complication   Adapted from Bradley
Gastrointestinal bleeding > 500 ml of blood/24 h  
Intra-abdominal bleeding Requiring surgical, radiologic, or endoscopic intervention.  
Intestinal fistula Secretion of fecal material from a percutaneous drain or inflow into the necrotic cavity, either from small or large bowel; confirmed by endscopy, imaging or during surgery.