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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 10 Japanese cases with stage III esophageal basaloid squamous cell carcinoma: site, morphology, metastasis, survival period, current status and treatment

From: A long-surviving patient with advanced esophageal basaloid squamous cell carcinoma treated only with radiotherapy: case report and literature review

Site Morphology Metastasis Survival period (months) Current status Treatment
Upper and middle Type 1 (Erosive elevation) Bone 13 Dead Surgery alone
Lower Type 2 Lung, liver, lymph nodes 8 Dead Chemoradiotherapy after surgery
Upper Type 2 Lung, brain 22 Dead Chemotherapy after surgery
Lower Type 3 Liver 10 Dead Surgery alone
Lower Type 1 Liver 36 Alive 1. Chemotherapy after surgery
2. Chemotherapy after liver metastasis resection
Middle Type 1 Liver, lymph nodes 9 Dead Surgery after pre-operative chemotherapy
Lower Type 1 Liver 27 Alive 1. Surgery
2. Surgery after hepatic arterial injection chemotherapy for liver metastasis
Middle Type 2 Liver, lymph nodes 10 Dead Chemotherapy after surgery
None None Mediastinal lymph modes, solitary lung 61 Alive 1. Surgery
2. Mediastinal lymph node radiation
3. Surgery after chemotherapy for lung metastasis
Upper Type 3 None 25 Alive Radiotherapy alone