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Table 5 Comparison of the NIH consensus criteria and the 7th UICC/AJCC TNM staging system in predicting recurrence free survival in patients who underwent surgical resection for gastric GISTs

From: Two staging systems for gastrointestinal stromal tumors in the stomach: which is better?

  Unadjusted Model Fit Statistics
  HR (95% CI) -2 Log Likelihood AIC SBC C-statistic (95% CI)a
NIH (high/very low-intermediate) 7.041 (1.755–28.248) 75.489 77.489 77.687 0.758 (0.615–0.901)
AJCC (III/I-II) 10.579 (2.835–39.482) 72.618 74.618 74.816 0.745 (0.639–0.851)
  1. AIC Akaike’s Information Criterion, SBC Schwarz Bayesian Criterion
  2. aOverall adequacy of risk prediction procedures with censored survival data