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Fig. 3

From: Fast food diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease exerts early protective effect against acetaminophen intoxication in mice

Fig. 3

Manifestation of APAP-induced ALI characteristics. (A) Plasma ALT levels in mice in the NC-A and FF-A groups. Plasma ALT level significantly increased in mice in the NC-A group. (B) H&E-stained liver sections: (a) extensive sterile necrosis around the central veins in mice in the NC-A group and (b) steatosis observed in mice in the FF-A group; magnification, ×200. (C) TUNEL-stained liver sections. DNA fragmentation was not observed in the liver sections of mice in the (a) NC-S and (c) FF-S groups. DNA fragmentation was higher in mice in the NC-A group (b) than in mice in the FF-A group (d); magnification, ×200. Average percentages of TUNEL-positive cells in mice in the four groups are plotted. **p < 0.01

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