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Table 2 RT-PCR primers for each gene

From: Regulation of apoptosis is impaired in atrophic gastritis associated with gastric cancer

Gene Primer forward Primer reversed Product Size
ß-actin 5′-catgccatcctgcgtctgcacc-3′ 5′-acatggtggtgccgccagagaca-3′ 400 bp
Bax 5′-ccaaggtgccggaactgatc-3′ 5′-aacacagtccaaggcagctgg-3′ 212 bp + 780 bp
Bcl-2 5′-gaaccggcacctgcacacctg-3′ 5′-aagctcccaccagggccaaac-3′ 143 bp + 700 bp
PCNA 5′-tctgagggcttcgacacctacc-3′ 5′-acgtgcaaattcaccagaaggc-3′ 279 bp +8,5 kb
  1. The standard condition for real time were as follow: 95 °C: 15 min (95 °C: 30s 60°C: 72 °C: 30s), 40 cycles; 72 °C: 5 min (annealing time varied between genes); size of the amplification product is given as base pairs (bp)