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Fig. 1

From: Regulation of apoptosis is impaired in atrophic gastritis associated with gastric cancer

Fig. 1

Gene expression of PCNA, Bcl-2 and Bax in the study groups. a PCNA transcript level was expressed in all the population but did not differ between the 4 histological defined groups (Kruskal Wallis H = 4.18, p > 0.05). b Bcl-2 showed a significant trend toward decreasing from control to gastric cancer (Kruskal-Wallis H = 27.16, p < 0.05) and demonstrated a significant reduction in AG/IM GC- compared to control (Mann-Whitney’s U test p < 0.05), in AG/IM GC- compared to AG/IM GC+ (Mann-Whitney’s U test p < 0.05) and in GC compared to AG/IM with and without cancer and in control ((Mann-Whitney’s U test p < 0.05). c Bax expression did not differ in the study population (Kruskal Wallis H = 4.07, p > 0.05)

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