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Table 2 Top 5 Gene Ontology functional terms of genes in module dark magenta associated with the clinical prognostic data

From: miR-363-5p as potential prognostic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma indicated by weighted co-expression network analysis of miRNAs and mRNA

Genes numbers Functional Ontology (top5) p value Discription
3576 alternative splicing 3.5E-39 Protein for which at least two isoforms exist due to distinct pre-mRNA splicing events.
1038 dna-binding 7.6E-36 Protein which binds to DNA, typically to pack or modify the DNA, or to regulate gene expression.
1091 transcription regulation 2.2E-30 Protein involved in the regulation of the transcription process.
1107 Transcription 3.3E-29 Protein involved in the transfer of genetic information from DNA to messenger RNA (mRNA) by DNA-directed RNA polymerase
2102 nucleus 3.8E-27 Protein located in the nucleus of a cell.