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Table 2 Low serum LL-37 levels indicate an elevated relative risk of the presence of intestinal strictures in CD patients.

From: Circulating cathelicidin levels correlate with mucosal disease activity in ulcerative colitis, risk of intestinal stricture in Crohn’s disease, and clinical prognosis in inflammatory bowel disease

LL-37 below 40 ng/ml   CRP 0.5 mg/ml or above  
cases w ith stricture 13 cases w ith stricture 16
cases w ithout stricture 15 cases w ithout stricture 25
LL-37 40 ng/ml or above   CRP 0.4 mg/L or below  
cases w ith stricture 17 cases w ith stricture 14
cases w ithout stricture 48 cases w ithout stricture 38
Relative risk 1.7752 Relative risk 1.4495
low er 95% CI 1.0 low er 95% CI 0.8
upper 95% CI 3.1 upper 95% CI 2.6
p-value 0.0485 p-value 0.2167
  significant   not significant
test positive LL-37 below 40 ng/ml
test negative any others
  mean (95% CI interval)
prevalence 0.32 0.23 0.43
sensitivity 0.43 0.26 0.62
specificity 0.76 0.64 0.86
PPV 0.46 0.28 0.66
NPV 0.74 0.61 0.84
  1. (A) The relative risk of the low LL-37 group with the presence of stricture among CD patients. (B) The relative risk of high CRP group with the presence of stricture among CD patients. (C) Prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, PPV, and NPV values of LL-37 test in indicating the presence of stricture