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Table 6 Ordinal logistic regression analysis of variables to predict AGI grade

From: Association between acute gastrointestinal injury and biomarkers of intestinal barrier function in critically ill patients

  OR (95% CI) P
APACHE II score 1.115 (1.106–1.222) 0.021
IAP (mm Hg) 1.143 (1.031–1.267) 0.011
LPS (pg/mL) 1.077 (0.913–1.271) 0.377
d-la (μmol/L) 1.043 (1.013–1.074) 0.004
i-FABP (pg/mL) 0.997 (0.993–1.000) 0.053
  1. AGI acute gastrointestinal injury, APACHE acute physiology and chronic health evaluation, CI confidence interval, d -la d-lactate, IAP intra-abdominal pressure, i-FABP intestinal fatty acid–binding protein, LPS lipopolysaccharide, OR odds ratio