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Table 1 Criteria of five tumor regression grading systems

From: Comparison of five tumor regression grading systems for gastric adenocarcinoma after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a retrospective study of 192 cases from National Cancer Center in China

TRG system Grade Description
Mandard-TRG 1 No residual cancer
2 Rare residual cancer cells
3 Fibrosis outgrowing residual cancer
4 Residual cancer outgrowing fibrosis
5 Absence of regressive changes
JGCA-TRG 0 No evidence of effect
1a Viable tumor cells occupy more than 2/3 of the tumorous area
1b Viable tumor cells remain in more than 1/3 but less than 2/3 of the tumorous area
2 Viable tumor cells remain in less than 1/3 of the tumorous area
3 No viable tumor cells remain
CAP-TRG 0 No viable cancer cells (complete response)
1 Single cells or small groups of cancer cells (moderate response)
2 Residual cancer outgrown by fibrosis (minimal response)
3 Minimal or no tumor killed or extensive residual cancer (poor response)
China-TRG Severe response Tumor cells completely disappear or very few highly regressive residue exist with obvious scarring and varying inflammation
Moderate response Most tumor cells degenerate and necrosis with obvious stroma fibrosis and inflammation
Mild response Absence of or slight necrosis and degeneration of tumor cells accompanied by mild stroma fibrosis and inflammation
Becker-TRG 1a No residual tumor/tumor bed
1b <10% residual tumor/tumor bed
2 10–50% residual tumor/tumor bed
3 >50% residual tumor/tumor bed