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Fig. 1

From: Prevalence of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden: a nationwide population-based register study

Fig. 1

a Register-based prevalence of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease (<18 years of age, n = 1432) for actively monitored and treated disease in 2010 and overall in 2010. IBD = inflammatory bowel disease; UC = ulcerative colitis; CD = Crohn’s disease; Patients required to have at least 2 listings of the selected diagnoses to be defined as a case; Treated in a given year was defined as having at least one of the two inflammatory bowel disease-related visits occurring in 2010 and at least one inflammatory bowel disease-related dispensed prescription in 2010. b Additional sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact on the overall inflammatory bowel disease prevalence estimate. Estimate based on a source population in 2010 of 1,919,094 < 18 years old, 1,794,267 < 17 years old, 1,675,031 < 16 years old and 1,564,959 < 15 years old (; IBD = inflammatory bowel disease

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