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Table 3 Bile cultures of bile samples from patients receiving antimicrobial agents into ERC contrast media

From: Prophylaxis of post-ERC infectious complications in patients with biliary obstruction by adding antimicrobial agents into ERC contrast media- a single center retrospective study

Cultures positive for n (%)
Enterococcus spp. 25 (71.4%)
E. coli 9 (25.7)
Klebsiella spp. 4 (11.4)
Pseudomonas spp. 4 (11.4)
Candida spp. 9 (25.7)
Other gram-negative 4 (11.4)
Polymicrobial 19 (54.0)
  1. Note, that the sum of percentages may be greater than 100 because of polymicrobial infections