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Table 1 Reported cases of spontaneous perforation in collagenous colitis

From: Collagenous colitis presenting as spontaneous perforation in an 80 year old woman: Report of a Case

Case Age/Sex History of non-bloody diarrhea Prior diagnosis of CC Perforation site Treatment Outcome
Freeman [4] 37, F 3 weeks No Sigmoid Laparotomy, no resection Alive
Bohr [5] 56, F At least 2 weeks No Splenic angle/descending colon Segmental resection Alive
Bennett [6] 67, F 2 months No Splenic flexure Partial colectomy Alive
Akamoto [7] 64, F 2 weeks No Descending colon Left colectomy Alive
Cottreau [8] 49, F 7 months No Descending colon Left colectomy Alive
Present case 80, F 1 month No Splenic angle Segmental resection Alive
  1. CC collagenous colitis, F female