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Table 1 Characteristics of included cases of malignant serous cystic neoplasms of the pancreas

From: Malignant pancreatic serous cystic neoplasms: systematic review with a new case

Author Year Age Sex Signs or symptoms Location Tumor diameter (cm) Gross morphologic patten Distant metastatic sites Synchronous/Metachronousa Local invasion sites Surgical therapy Outcome
George et al 1989 70 M Hemorrhage from gastric varices body and tail 11 Micorocystic Liver Synchronous Stomach, spleen, splenic vein DP Death during operation due to hemorrhage
Friedman et al. 1990 74 F Right flank pain, weight loss, palpable mass head 19 Macrocystic Liver, lung, bone, adrenal glands Synchronous None None Death due to advanced neoplasm
Kamei et al. 1991 72 F Jaundice Multifocal origin (head, body,tail) 10 Microcystic    Neural invasion TP NA
Okada et al. 1991 63 F Abdominal pain body and tail 12 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (4 years) None DP Alive 5 years after initial operation
Yoshimi et al. 1992 63 F Epigastric pain, palpable mass body and tail 12 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (3 years) None DP Alive 6 years after initial operation
Ohta et al. 1993 64 M Unrelated incidental detection of the tumor on abdominal CT body 2.5 Microcystic    Perivascular and vascular invasion Enucleation Alive 9 months after initial operation
Widmaier et al 1996 71 M Elevated liver function tests head 4 Mixed    Peripancreatic fat PPPD Alive 1 year later
Ishikawa et al. 1998 63 F Abdominal pain body 12 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (3 years) None DP NA
Eriguchi et al. 1998 65 F Palpable abdominal mass body and tail 16 Microcystic Liver Both (9 years) None DP, micorowave coagulo-necrotic therapy Alive 10 year after initial operation
Abe et al. 1998 71 F Palpable abdominal mass, general fatigue, weight loss body and tail 12 Microcystic    Lymph node, peripancreatic fat DP, splenectomy Alive 2 years later
Horvath et al. 1999 81 F NA NA 6 NA    Vessel DP NA
Wu et al. 1999 57 F Unrelated, incidental detection of the tumor on abdominal CT entire pancreas 5.5 Mixed Liver, peritoneum Metachronous (10 year) Stomach Pancreatectomy, splenectomy, cholecystectomy Recurrence 10 years after initial tumor resection
Strobel et al. 2001 56 F Recurrent abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss entire pancreas 14 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (3 years) None PPPD Alive 3 years after initial operation
Matsumoto et al. 2004 87 F no symptom, incidental finding(inguinal hernia op) body and tail 12 Microcystic Spleen Synchronous Spleen, Vessel DP with colectomy Uneventful (10 months)
Schintaku et al. 2005 85 F Fatigue, intermittent diarrhea body and tail 12 Microcystic    Spleen DP, distal gastrectomy Alive 10 months later
Friebe et al. 2005 80 F Abdominal pain, anorexia, weight loss body and tail 8 Microcystic    Spleen DP, splenectomy Alive 1 year later
Gupta et al. 2008 42 F Abdominal pain, palpable abdominal mass, diarrhea, weight loss body and tail 10 Macrocystic    peripancreatic fat. DP, splenectomy Alive 2 years later
Franko et al. 2008 68 F Flank pain, weight loss, anemia, duodenal bleeding head 5 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (3 years) Splenoportal vein, duodenum Inoperable Death due to advanced neoplasm, 45 months later
King et al. 2009 70 M Abdominal pain, hematemesis head 9 Microcystic    Duodenum PPPD Alive 7 years later
Vadala et al. 2010 74 M NA head NA NA    Portal vein PD, portal vein thrombectomy NA
Bano et al. 2011 62 M Abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, jaundice head 7 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (1 year) Duodenum PD, microwave coagulo-necrotic therapy Alive 1 year later
Cho et al. 2011 64 F Dizziness, hematochezia tail 12 Microcystic    Colon, spleen invasion DP, segmental resection of the colon, splenectomy NA
Bramis et al. 2012 86 F Abdominal pain body 17 Microcystic Liver Synchronous Stomach Inoperable, Biopsies taken Died 1 month later due to unrelated other medical problem
Wasel BA et al. 2013 68 F Incidental finding tail 12 Microcystic    Liver, retroperitoneum Inoperable, neo-adjuvant chemotherapy Alive 1 year later
Rathore MU et al. 2013 60 F Upper abdominal pain body 9 Microcystic    Vessels Partial pancreatectomy and splenectomy Death 3rd post operative day due to thromboembolism
Kainuma O et al. 2015 69 M Upper abdominal discomfort body 6 Solid variant Liver Synchronous None Distal pancreatectomy(initial diagnossi) + Liver metastatectomy(27 months later) Alive 30 months later
Present case 2015 52 F Palpable mass head 9 Microcystic Liver Metachronous (5 years) None PD Alive 6.5 years later
  1. DP distal pancreatectomy, TP total pancreatectomy, PD pancreaticoduodenectomy, PPPD pylorus preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy
  2. aNumber in parenthesis is time interval between detection of primary pancreatic tumor and metachronous metastasis