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Table 1 Baseline data of ESCC patients

From: Leukotriene receptor expression in esophageal squamous cell cancer and non-transformed esophageal epithelium: a matched case control study

  N = 19 (%)
Male/female 14/5 (73.6/26.4)
Mean age (years) 62 ± 11
Alcohol consumption  
Abstainer 1 (5.3)
Former drinking 6 (31.6)
Active drinking 12 (63.2)
Alcohol consumption (amount)  
Lowa 5 (41.7)
Highb 7 (58.3)
Smoking habits  
Never 0
Former smoker 8 (42.1)
Active smoker 11 (57.9)
  1. Subjects were considered former drinkers of alcohol and former smokers when no consumption was declared within the past 12 month, respectively. The amount of male and female alcohol intake was differently classified into (a) low (<20g/day for men, <10g/day for women) and (b) high risk (≥20g/day for men, ≥10g/day women) intake. ESCC esophageal squamous cell cancer