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Fig. 3

From: Thrombosis of pancreatic arteriovenous malformation induced by diagnostic angiography: case report

Fig. 3

US after the diagnostic angiography revealed a progressive decrease of the serpinginous formations as well as a cystic lesion gradually increasing in size (a, b). Fat-suppressed T 2-weighted MR images depicted fluid characteristics in the neck of the pancreas (c, red arrow) and in the peripancreatic fat (c, red asterisk) indicating an area of intra-parenchymal necrosis along with some peripancreatic edema. MR cholangiopancreatography confirmed minor peripancreatic fluid collection in the neck of the pancreas (d, red arrow). Long-term CT follow-up showed no evidence of previous vascular malformation along with the remaining peripancreatic fluid collection (e, f, white arrows)

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