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Table 2 Temporal characteristics of acid clearance versus impedance detected bolus clearance

From: Discounting the duration of bolus exposure in impedance testing underestimates acid reflux

  Parameters Median Range (Min, Max)
Esophageal acid exposure Mean Acid Clearance time - total (sec) 66 (7,1257)
Mean Acid Clearance time - upright (sec) 48 (0,179)
Mean Acid Clearance time - recumbent (sec) 44 (0,1257)
Impedance Median Bolus Clearance Time-total/sec 12 (3,31)
Median Bolus Clearance Time-upright/sec 12 (5,37)
Median Bolus Clearance Time- recumbent/sec 10 (0,96)