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Table 4 Predictive value of symptoms for T-stage of anal carcinoma. The final model of our multivariate logistic regression analysis had significant predictive value to distinguish a localized vs. locally advanced tumor (R 2 = 0.37; p = 0.03). In the table the odds ratio (OR) of a symptom or physical finding for prediction of locally advanced cancer (T3/T4 vs. T1/T2) are shown. Only variables with p < 0.100 are indicated

From: Presenting symptoms predict local staging of anal cancer: a retrospective analysis of 86 patients

Symptom or finding OR 95 % CI p-value
Perianal pain 6.1 1.5–25.1 0.011
Painful defecation 3.5 1.1–10.8 0.026
Weight loss 5.0 1.4–17.4 0.010
Pruritus 0.2 0.05–0.81 0.024