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Fig. 1

From: Inoculation with enterococci does not affect colon inflammation in the multi-drug resistance 1a-deficient mouse model of IBD

Fig. 1

Histological injury score (HIS) of colon tissue samples. Samples were collected from FVB and Mdr1a –/– mice which were fed an AIN-76A (Control) diet, or were fed an AIN-76A diet and received a single dose (via oral inoculation) of a mixture of Enterococcus faecalis and E. faecium cultures and complex intestinal flora (EF.CIF; Inoculation). Data are shown as the values for individual mice (×) and as the overall mean (closed circle, FVB mice; open circle; Mdr1a –/–) for each group; data from individual samples collected at 21 weeks of age are shown to the left, and data from samples collected at 24 weeks of age are shown to the right, of the respective means. The number of mice in each group is reported in Table 1. Values for the mean ± SD are reported in the results

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