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Table 1 Rome III criteria for abdominal migraine

From: Abdominal migraine in children: association between gastric motility parameters and clinical characteristics

H2c. Diagnostic Criteriaa for Abdominal Migraine
Must include all of the following:
1. Paroxysmal episodes of intense, acute periumbilical pain that lasts for 1 h or more
2. Intervening periods of usual health lasting weeks to months
3. The pain interferes with normal activities
4. The pain is associated with 2 or more of the following:
 a. Anorexia
 b. Nausea
 c. Vomiting
 d. Headache
 e. Photophobia
 f. Pallor
5. No evidence of an inflammatory, anatomic, metabolic, or neoplastic process considered that explains the subject’s symptoms
  1. aCriteria fulfilled 2 or more times in the preceding 12 months