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Table 1 The number of gastric cancer with successful delineation and successful rate by chromoendoscopy and low-power magnifying endoscopy combined NBI and the highest-power magnifying endoscopy combined NBI in all lesions

From: Highest power magnification with narrow-band imaging is useful for improving diagnostic performance for endoscopic delineation of early gastric cancers

  Successful delineation Successful rate 95 % C.I
No %
CE 117/161 72.7 68.5-79.9
CE + LM-NBI 143/161 88.9 84.2-93.8a
CE + LM-NBI + HM-NBI 158/161 98.1 95.8-100a,b
  1. a<0.05 for vs. CE; b< 0.05 for vs. CE + LM-NBI