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Fig. 6

From: Highest power magnification with narrow-band imaging is useful for improving diagnostic performance for endoscopic delineation of early gastric cancers

Fig. 6

a. Chromoendoscopy (CE) findings of a gastric cancer of which margins of lateral extent cannot be clearly delineated until by the highest-power magnifying endoscopy combined NBI (HM-NBI). A demarcation line cannot be seen by CE. b. Low-power magnifying endoscopy combined NBI (LM-NBI) findings. A demarcation line cannot be seen by LM-NBI. c. HM-NBI findings. A clear demarcation line can be seen by HM-NBI. d. The extent of the carcinoma (yellow lines) was reconstructed according to the histopathological findings. The peroperative marking were clearly identified all the way around the carcinoma, as shown by black dotted line. Therefore, this lesion had been successfully delineation by CE + LM-NBI + HM-NBI

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