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Table 4 Multivariate stepwise logistical regression and receiver operator characteristic (ROC) curve to predict IPN

From: Reduced lymphocyte count as an early marker for predicting infected pancreatic necrosis

Element Odds Ratio (95 % CI) p Value AUROC (95 % CI) p Value
Lymphocyte count 0.006 (0.000–0.100) <0.001 0.842 (0.769–0.914) <0.001
APACHE II score 1.299 (1.153–1.464) <0.001 0.819 (0.722–0.917) <0.001
  1. ROC receiver operator characteristic, IPN infected pancreatic necrosis, AUROC area under receiver operating characteristic curve, CI confidence interval, APACHE II score Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Enquiry II score