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Table 5 Postoperative complications classified by Dindo et al. [11]

From: Does the Tokyo guidelines predict the extent of gallbladder inflammation in patients with acute cholecystitis? A single center retrospective analysis

Complications Grade I Grade II Grade III
Grade I 0 1 3
Grade II 3 3 1
Grade III 4 1 2
Grade IV 0 0 6
Grade V 0 0 2a
  1. Grade I: urinary tract infection 1x, liver abscess 1x, cystic duct leak 4x, 1x cholechocus stenosis
  2. Grade II: wound infection 1x, pneumonia 3x (ICU management in 1x), urinary tract infection 1x
  3. Grade III: surgical site infection 4x, wound dehiscence 1x, pneumonia 1x (ICU), cystic duct leak 2x, acute renal failure 2x (needing dialysis), amortality 2x (following pulmonary insufficiency and pulmonary embolism)