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Table 4 Severity grading parameters for patients with grade II and III AC in this series

From: Does the Tokyo guidelines predict the extent of gallbladder inflammation in patients with acute cholecystitis? A single center retrospective analysis

Severity grading of the study population
 Grade II (n = 33)
  WBC > 18.000/ul 16 cases
  Palpable mass in RUQ 8 cases
  Murphy’s sign 9 cases
 Grade III (n = 26)
  acute renal failure 9 cases
  INR > 2 10 cases
  platelet count < 100.000/ul 6 cases
  PaO2/FiO2 < 300 1 case
  1. WBC white blood count, RUQ right upper quadrant, INR: international normalized ratio