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Table 4 Codes used to identify associated conditions

From: Validation of coding algorithms for the identification of patients hospitalized for alcoholic hepatitis using administrative data

Condition ICD-10 diagnosis codes CCI procedure codes [41]
Alcoholic hepatitis K70.1  
Ascites R18 1OT52HA, 1OT52HAT, 1OT52LAT
GI hemorrhage K92.0, K92.1, K92.2, K62.5, I85.0, I85.9, I98.20, I98.21, I98.3, I86.4, K29.0, K29.2, K29.5, K29.7, K29.8. K20, K21.0, K25.0, K25.3, K25.4, K25.7, K25.9, K26.4, K26.9, K27.9, K22.6, K22.1 1NA13BAH, 1NA13BAX, 1NA13BAF, 1NF13BAK
Hepatic encephalopathy K72  
Cirrhosis K70.3, K74.6  
Alcoholic hepatic failure K70.4  
Malnutrition E41, E43, E46  
HRS/renal failure K76.7, N17.0, N17.8, N17.9 1PZ21HPD, 1PZ21HQB
Pancreatitis K85, K85.2, K85.9, K86.0, K86.1  
Alcohol abuse F10.1  
Alcohol dependence F10.2  
Alcohol withdrawal F10.3  
  1. GI gastrointestinal, HRS hepatorenal syndrome, CCI Canadian Classification of Health Interventions