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Table 2 Biological processes significantly enriched in differentially expressed genes in the intestine of insulin-resistant subjects

From: Altered intestinal functions and increased local inflammation in insulin-resistant obese subjects: a gene-expression profile analysis

Regulators Role State (z-score) p Target genes regulated
PDGF Mitogenic (3.41) 10−16 ATF3, CNN1, CTGF, CYR61, DUSP1, EGR1, FOS, FOSB, GEM, IL1B, JUN, KLF6, RGS1, SLC2A3, THBS1, ZFP36
Jnk Inflammation (2.77) 10−07 BIRC3, CTGF, DUSP1, IL1B, JUN, PTGS2, VCAM1, ZFP36
ERK Mitogenic (2.62) 10−09 CTGF, DUSP1, EGR1, FOS, HBEGF, JUN, MUC5AC, PDK4, PTGS2, THBS1, ZFP36
F7 Coagulation (2.40) 10−07 CTGF, EGR1, FOS, HBEGF, IL1B, ZFP36
TREM1 Inflammation (2.33) 10−05 ATF3, CFB, EGR1, GADD45B, GEM, HBEGF, IL1B, PTGS2, RGS1, THBS1
C/EBPα Transcription (2.22) 10−03 BTG2, CSF3R, CXCR4, PTGS2, S100A9
CD40LG Immunity (2.20) 10−05 BIRC3, E2F2, HLA-DQA1, HLA-DRB4, IL1B, PTGS2, VCAM1
MAP2K1/2 Mitogenic (2.19) 10−05 ATF3, CTGF, DUSP1, EGR1, IL1B
IL1α Inflammation (2.17) 10−03 BIRC3, IL1B, PTGS2, S100A9, SERPINA3
IFNγ Inflammation (2.16) 10−03 ATF3, CXCR4, HLA-A/C/DQB1, IL1B, KLF6, PTGS2, VCAM1
NUPR1 Transcription (2.12) 10−01 ATF3, BRI3BP, CXCR4, CYR61, HBEGF, KLF6, SIK1, ZFAND2
SELPLG Inflammation (2.00) 10−04 CLK1, CXCR4, FOS, IL1B
SMAD4 Transcription (2.00) 10−02 CTGF, GADD45B, IRAK3, THBS1
P38 MAPK Inflammation (2.00) 10−06 ATF3, CD55, CTGF, EGR1, FOS, IL1B, JUN, MUC5AC, PTGS2
TLR4 Inflammation (2.00) 10−05 ATF3, IL1B, IRAK3, MUC5AC, VCAM1
IgG Immunity (−2.24) 10−03 DUSP1, IL1B, LDLR, SLC2A3, ZFP36
Hdac Deacetylases (−2.57) 10−07 ATF3, EGR1, FOS, GADD45B, JUN, KLF6, KLF9
  1. : Biological processes prediced to be increased
  2. : Biological processes predicted to be decreased