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Table 3 The relationship between the different plasticity region genes

From: The distribution of jhp0940, jhp0945, jhp0947, jhp0949 and jhp0951 genes of Helicobacter pylori in China

  Relationship (coefficient valuea/p value)
gene jhp0945 jhp0947 jhp0949 jhp0951
jhp0940 0.183/0.03 0.236/0.005 0.184/0.029 0.182/0.031
jhp0945 0.358/<0.0001 0.219/0.009 0.193/0.022
jhp0947 0.415/<0.0001 0.280/0.0008
jhp0949 0.478/<0.0001
  1. The coefficient value for assessing the association between each pair of genes. A p value of 0.001 or less was considered to be highly significant
  2. The coefficient valuea was analyzed using Fisher’s test