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Table 4 Bacterial species significantly more abundant in the stool of obese compared with non-obese individuals

From: Comparison of the gut microbiota composition between obese and non-obese individuals in a Japanese population, as analyzed by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism and next-generation sequencing

  Ave. non-obese (%) Ave. obese (%) P value*
Blautia hydrogenotorophica ND 0.01 0.040
Coprococcus catus ND 0.21 0.030
Eubacterium ventriosum ND 0.19 0.046
Ruminococcus bromii ND 1.03 0.028
Ruminococcus obeum 0.07 0.87 0.038
  1. ND not determined
  2. *P values are based on Welch’s test